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Sponsorship on this blog:

As our family has grown, my time has become scarce. Finding time to blog has been challenging with the demands of three young children, their activities, having an active lifestyle, being an attentive wife and maintaining our home. With careful consideration and a solid plan, I have decided to begin to accept blog sponsorship. I have wrestled with the idea over the the past year when I was initially approached to add sponsorship on this blog. We were in the middle of trying to sell our apartment in NYC and also shopping for a new place to raise our family. I knew it would be a while before I was able to take on this project with the effort and energy to do it right. The time is now and I am thrilled about this new venture.

 My goal is to promote products, restaurants, art, events or anything creative that also meshes well with my family. Since this blog will always focus on my children and husband who inspire me daily, the sponsors will be choices that coincide with us. The sponsors will be weaved into the posts of our everyday lives. They will also be products I have researched with careful consideration before featuring them on my site. I will only promote companies, products, places, or events that interest us; and in turn, interest those who read this blog.

If you would like to advertise your company, promote your product or participate in a giveaway through a blog post, I am happy and excited to discuss opportunities with you.

Currently, I am only doing giveaways with blog sponsors.

I look forward to hearing from you!