About Tracy

This blog originally began shortly after my second daughter, Callie, turned one. With all of the emotion of having her first year pass so quickly, combined with the pure passion that I had for living in NYC; I started to ponder how I could capture this time of our lives for my children to see in the years to come. After one afternoon of feeling completely full from a city adventure with my girls, I put them down for a nap and within an hour and a half, this blog was born. Little did I know that the virtual slate of white paper would serve such a purpose in my life.

I am not defined as mother, although it's been the most significant role in my lifetime. I pursued the career ladder, lived in three different states accepting challenges and potential, and was blessed to travel that chapter of life with one company. My heart will forever be filled with gratitude for the opportunities and rewards I was given in those 12 years. But, as soon as I laid eyes on her; I knew. I traded the corporate heels for pink booties and a new love that transformed me. It has been a gift to stay home with my babies, although the decision was difficult for me. Now, years later, I can not imagine why it weighed so heavily on my heart.

I print this blog every six months and the beautifully bound books are preserved and cherished as the most tangible gift I can give my children to know what their life is like in this moment. Ultimately, though, this blog allows me to revisit the most touching occasions I have with my children. It gives me an outlet to write and capture the raw emotion of the here and now. It helps me to be more thankful and to praise God who makes all things possible for our family. It connects us to loved ones across the miles so the distance is less bitter. It inspires me on days I can't seem to make the effort to remember that I am one day closer to my children leaving my nest. My blessed nest. And I hope it inspires you, too.

Recently, the five of us packed up, moved 30 miles north of the city and left a life that I adored. There is nothing like city living and I am so happy that all three of my children have pictures to document the many adventures and friendships we experienced. I pray the girls will always have faint memories of their life in NYC, but Brody will have to resort to this blog. 

Upon our new life changes, this blog was renamed from Our blessed, beautiful big city life to Our blessed, beautiful suburban story. It will still reflect our passion for experiences and adventure; although most of them will now be suburban outings with our visits to NYC mixed in between. It will still reflect how we aim to take this one wild and precious journey called life and savor the moments of them; the good, the bad, the painful, the stressful, the exhilarating, the joyful and the rhythm of routine. All of these fleeting small moments add up to our one big, beautiful life and this blog shares the one we are living.

When I am not running after Elsie, Callie or Brody; I will either be prepping for a date out with my beloved, Stefan, cooking a new meal with good wine in hand, chatting on the phone with one of my dear Florida girls, lacing up my shoes for a good sweat at the gym, heading to the beach, playing with my camera, reaching for my Bible, missing my extended family or organizing the next big play date with my cherished NYC Momma friends. We live life big. We do it through adventures. 

And we savor it all.

.....thanks for reading.....